Bronze Woman in the Wind

Randall Beyale


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A predominately self-taught sculptor. Randall is inspired by his heritage and his involvement with Navajo tribal ceremonies. He has won many awards, and his work is in collections throughout the country.

This powerful bronze depicts a Navajo woman, standing against a fierce wind. She is wrapped tight in a blanket, but her long hair and pleated “broomstick” skirt are flying in the wind.

The lovely, repeated curves are countered by her staunch posture. This is a strong woman, buffeted by the elements, but unyielding. She is beautifully graceful, but resolute.

Her delicately featured face is handsome, and very determined;. Head held high, she is holding her ground against adversity.

A beautiful tribute to the matriarchs of Navajo life, and to women everywhere.

The execution of this sculpture is equally wonderful. The lines of swooping curves are beautiful, and there is a variety of texture, to create realism and visual interest.

Her face is smooth; her hair and the broomstick hem are each realistically carved. Her blanket is heavily textured with an all-over pattern, and subtly suggests her form beneath it.

The hem of the blanket is decorated with a pattern that is plain, textured, and raised, repeating and emphasizing the diagonal curves that dominate the sculpture.

Standing on a base of sugary white marble and wood, this woman is both beautifully feminine, and strong as a warrior.

Full of beauty and emotion, this is a commanding work of art.

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5" deep