Bowl with Decorated Rim


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This great-great-granddaughter of the legendary Nampeyo, and daughter of the late Priscilla Namingha Nampeyo, is famous in her own right – like her gifted siblings.

She is noted for the simplicity of her designs, often re-creations of ancient Sityatki patterns, and the precision with which they are executed.

This piece is beautifully shaped, with a stone-burnished, red interior that contrasts with the beige and brown/black painted patterns on the broad, flat rim.

There is something beautifully archaic about this piece: it seems to have echoes of ancient Greece, Egypt, and even the pre-Columbian Americas, in the form, coloration and designs.

It is, however, pure Hopi, from start to finish: gathering and mixing the clay, coiling, smoothing, painting and firing.

Painting in reverse – beige on black background – the stepped pattern on this wide ribbon of a rim represents rain.

This gorgeous piece is signed Koo Loo, the artist’s Hopi name.

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Natural Clay and clay Slip, Vegetal Pigment


1 5/8" high, 7" diameter