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Bow-Knot Flower Pin


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Tailored, flirtatious, modern, dignified and solid, with a cheerful pattern and a dramatic silhouette, this pin will become a favorite right away.

Steve is an accomplished silversmith, from a noted family of jewelers, but this low-key jeweler prefers to let his work speak for itself.

And what is says, is “quality” in every area. The silver variously reminds us of ribbon, petals, pinwheels; all fun and delightful associations.

Each blade, petal, or piece of ribbon is slightly curved, and cut off on the diagonal. There is a squiggly line overlaid down the center of each one, surrounded by tiny, darkened dots.

The effect is charmingly unpretentious, like gingham; handsome, yet playful. Yet, the symbolism is traditional and serious.

The wavy lines refer to rivers and streams, while dots symbolize raindrops; very precious, and very good luck, in the high desert.

The center of this bow, or pinwheel, or flower, is a dome, natural Utah Dinosaur Bone, in a rich deep hue. It will go with every color you own.

Large enough to make a statement, but not too large, this pin will be a much-loved and much admired, go-to piece, by this marvelous artist.



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Sterling Silver, Utah Dinosaur Bone


2 1/4" H x 2 1/2" W