Bolo with Carico Lake Turquoise

Pete Johnson


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Related to, and mentored by, celebrated silversmiths Jennifer, and the late Thomas, Curtis, Pete Johnson continues the family flair for outstanding precision.

This stunning bolo is outstanding in its serene simplicity, elegant restraint, and splendid stone.

A gorgeous, natural Carico Lake turquoise brings it fresh, leafy green to the center of the bolo, surrounded by fastidious, flawless, hand stamping.

The entire bolo is a play of circular forms, punctuated by a border of spiky, stamped triangles.

The glistening silver alternates between plain borders, and stamp work, with plain silver areas even in the stamped bands.

This gives the design a tranquil, majestic look. Although not really minimalist, the design is spacious and tasteful.

There is just the right balance between ornamentation and delicate texture, and beautifully plain, polished silver.

Like a flower, the outer borders of the bolo lead the eye to the colorful center, the remarkable turquoise.

Tapered tips of gleaming silver continue the understated elegance of the bolo, and the hand-braided leather cord is as fine as the bolo itself.

Of course, you may wear this bolo with western gear, but it really shines with a business suit, and even, a dinner jacket.

When an artist is in full command of his technique and artistic vision, the result is exquisite, and so is this bolo.

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