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Bolo of Blessings


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This exceptional bolo is a celebration of blessings that lead to abundance, good health, and happiness.

Joseph Coriz is an acknowledged master of overlay and applique techniques.

The theme and its symbols are favorites of this kindly, spiritual man: gratitude and blessings.

As always, he represents the theme with extraordinary artistry, as well as flawless workmanship.

A strictly linear rectangle contains a series of vignettes, each containing an appliqued symbol of good luck.

The meticulously chiseled edge forms a shadowbox frame, with a border of gleaming silver, then a narrow one of tiny, deeply stamped motifs.

Finally, there is another plain silver border, which contains the beautifully delineated figures.

At the top left, a human figure represents a medicine man, chanting, with a rattle, against the night sky.

Next, to the right, a cornstalk, with ears of corn, symbolizes abundance, good health and happiness.

A good harvest is the result of enough water, rainfall, and sunshine – in balance.

And, just below the corn , a graceful spiral fills the frame. This is variously called the river of life or the path of life.

Water is necessary for life, and this symbol is another emphasis on the blessings of nature.

Moving down, there are more bountiful blessings:rainclouds and rain, lightning, an elk or deer, a mountain ram,a turtle, a fish, and a basket of corn.

At the top is a hand, signifying blessing and protection; at the bottom left, a bear.

The elk, ram, and fish symbolize animals who sacrifice themselves to feed mankind.

The bear lends his strength and hunting skills to humans, to ensure they are successful in the hunt, and is also a protector.

At the very bottom, appears a row of wavelets, again emphasizing the importance and great blessing of water.

The theme and symbolism are profound; the symbols are not only impeccably done, but charmingly decorative.

Each separate vignette is a little picture in itself, and beautifully integrated into the whole composition.

Totally simple, rounded keepers and tips keep attention on the bolo itself.

This bolo is a handsome and meaningful work of art that you can enjoy with suits and even formal wear, as well as casually.



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Hand-Braided Leather, Sterling Silver I 14-Karat Gold


Bolo is 3" L x 2" W, Cord is 42" L, Tips are 1 7/8" L x 3/8" diameter | Keepers are1 3/4"L and 3/4" L x 3/8"