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Blue Turquoise Posts


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He graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in education, as well as enormous innate talent.

This perennially award-winning jeweler continues to mentor, and teach at a Reservation school, as well as create acclaimed jewelry.

He is known for gorgeous stones, and these oblong turquoise posts are a stunning example.

Although known as a master of inlay, this eminent artist has left these splendid stones on their own, highlighting their vibrant beauty.

The vivid, deep teal blue is a product of copper in the surrounding ore, and is found in turquoise like Bisbee, Tyrone, and Morenci.

These luscious blue stones are characterized by a pattern of barely perceptible circles.

They look like drops of rain plopping into standing water, so this pattern is called “water web”.

Wisely, the artist has chosen to fabricate a simple silver frame for these dazzling stones, which need no ornamental distraction.

Wildly flattering to all complexions, they are modern and tailored, to be worn anywhere in the world.

And, they exhibit the expected Tommy Jackson panache and expertise.

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Sterling Silver, Waterweb Turquoise


1 1/4" L x 3/4" W