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Blue Turquoise Heishi Cuff


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A younger artist, who beautifully combines the age-old Santo Domingo Pueblo (Ke Wa) tradition of heishi jewelry, in a contemporary way.Blue as the clear New Mexico sky, the natural turquoise disks are hand cut, drilled, burnished, and set in two rows. Sterling silver forms the base of the cuff, revealed in glittering polished edges above and below the turquoise. The crunchy texture of the individual turquoise beads contrasts beautifully with the sleekness of the silver. Placed between sterling “banks”, the blue turquoise symbolizes a river; great good luck in the southwest. What you see in this lovely bracelet needs no explanations: fine workmanship, combining the ancient – heishi – and the elegant technique of the present; high grade natural turquoise, and a pared-down design that is classic. Striking on its own, this narrow cuff will get along with any number of others, as well. Beauty in the design, the execution, and the symbolism. Enjoy all of the above, and compliments, too.

Sterling Silver, Natual Turquoise

Total Size: 6 7/8″ Cuff Size: 5 5/8″ Gap Size: 1 1/4″ Width: 3/8″