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Blue Serpentine Earrings


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Christina and Dio are the daughter and son-in-law of the celebrated jeweler, Tommy Jackson.

They have begun to make their own pieces, under the tutelage of the Master; we are delighted to welcome this younger generation into the Jackson – and Wright’s – family of silversmiths.

Simple, cleanly fabricated silver work characterizes these wonderfully wearable posts, leaving attention on the main attraction, the unusual, and strikingly beautiful stones.

Hand cut, the fascinating hues range from a tender aqua to dark teal.

Like all minerals, serpentine has its most characteristic hue – mossy green, like the reptiles it is named for – and then variations that depend on the other minerals around it.

These stones might have been discarded in the past, but are now valued for their distinctive – if uncharacteristic – look.

The stones are adeptly cut so that each earring has the same pattern of color: paler near the short side, and darker along the outside curve.

Note that the tapered oval of the earrings mimics the shape of your ear, so they are uber-flattering.

Black matrix overlays the greenish blues in dark patches and tendrils, no thicker than a hair, making a marvelous pattern.

There are even a couple of areas of the rock in which the serpentine was embedded, showing up as warm, pale grey.

Wearable everywhere in the world, and anytime, these earrings exhibit sophisticated simplicity, well-made to show off the handsome stones.

We look forward to seeing more of the young Lunas’ work.

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Natural Blue Serpentine, Sterling Silver


1 1/4" L x 3/4" W