Blue Royston Turquoise Bolo

Tim Bedah


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A classic bolo in the old style, but with very contemporary finesse in the workmanship.

The feature of the piece is the unusually large, remarkably beautiful, natural Royston turquoise.

Even more exceptional, the stone is a heavenly blue, instead of the expected green – quite unusual and utterly handsome!

Just like the “olden days”, the natural stone is the star of this bolo, but it is sleekly cut and polished, and the silver, framing it, is impeccably and beautifully chiseled – by hand, of course.

The tips are long, slender, tapered, and finished with a small, hand-stamped squash blossom. Again, an unexpected and refined touch.

Traditional in inspiration; elevated to modern, in design and execution.

Simple and stunning, but understated, this is a perfect, updated version of the historic bolo design.

The turquoise itself, is extraordinary, and the silver embellishments are calculated to complement, not overwhelm the splendid stone.

Neat, and unfussy, this is a bolo for the turquoise connaisseur, and everyone who appreciates discreet excellence.

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