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Blue Murano Glass Bear


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Lena keeps her fetish carvings close to the original concept of a found rock that resembles a protective animal. These abstract carvings are traditional on form, but her latest exploration of materials is definitely not: very unconventional, but gorgeous, Venetian art glass.

This bear is a delectable swirl of translucent, deep and paler blues, green, and turquoise, with dynamic bands of black to hold it all together and eyes of inlaid red coral. He has a split personality: his other side is a bright, clean, opaque white with just a swathe of the blues  and other hues outlining the top of his form. A traditional offering bundle  features a natural, pink mother of pearl arrowhead, and bits of turquoise and red coral.

Offering bundles, or medicine bundles, are meant to invoke the power of the fetish animal. The blue bear is Guardian and Protector of the West, in Zuni lore, so this beautiful little fellow is both traditional and very 21st-century.


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Coral, Commercial Sinew, Pink Mussel Shell, Turquoise, Venetian Glass