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“Blue Morpho” Butterfly Painting


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This Daryl Begaye is not the same one who is a jeweler. Similar name, similar talent, but different person, working in different medium.

This Daryl, the painter, is a lover of nature and wildlife. This beautiful painting is both powerful, and as delicate as the subject butterfly.

The large scale of the painted butterfly is not realistic, but the details of its body and wings, are.

So beautifully painted are the wings, that the naturalistic rendering of the insect’s body is almost unnoticed.

The exaggerated size makes a dramatic impression, and floods the canvas with ethereal blue.

Luminously blue wings seem to glow with translucence, as if the sun shone through them.

In lively contrast to the serene, frontal rendition of the butterfly, the abstract background is a colorful cacophony of symbols and brushstrokes.

Spirals and parallel lines denote water; so do dots and circles. Patches of blue also invoke the sky.

Greens, yellow and oranges refer to the sun, the land, and flowers.

Butterflies are honored for their role in helping to propagate plants, including crops.

Planted seeds, together with sufficient water, means a harvest will be plentiful, and people will be healthy, happy and prosperous.

In addition to their function and spiritual importance, butterflies are beautiful – just like this painting, in which tranquil beauty and syncopated energy blend together delightfully.

Framed and ready to enliven your home!

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Acrylic Paint, Canvas, Wood


18" H X 22" W