Blue Glass Snake


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One of Lena Boone’s nephews, Marcel is considered her protege. As seen in this most unusual and beautiful fetish, he is continuing his celebrated aunt’s dedication to maintaining the old style of fetishes, even in decidedly contemporary materials.

In Zuni tradition, snakes are associated with lightning, which usually means thunderstorms, and, thus, rain – the most precious of events for farmers who rely on it, exclusively. This beautiful snake is curvaceous, so to me, he represents flowing water rather than jagged lightning.

Pure, clear blue and turquoise – colors of sky and water – blend together in the art glass, with a touch of natural coral for the eyes.

If you don’t love snakes, this can be appreciated simply as a beautiful piece of glass art. Once it is yours, you can decide whatever you like!

The beautifully twisted curve also allows him to rest, poised, on a flat surface. Unusual, meaningful and beautiful, too.



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Coral, Venetian Art Glass


3 3/8" long x 1 3/8" wide x 2 3/8" high