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Blue Gem Turquoise Earrings


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What can you say about a man who wears championship rodeo buckles and has been named Indian Artist of the Year, again and again – as well as serving on national boards that influence Indian arts?! Well, that he is a true master of everything he chooses to do, for one. Just look at these beautiful earrings: fabulous stones paired with remarkable silver work. One of the most appreciated and hard-to-find of southwestern turquoise, Blue Gem is noted for its glowing color. Surrounding the unusually shaped stones, sterling silver is meticulously fashioned into a lovely floral design above, surrounded by a frame of delicate hand stamping. Three silver domes reflect light below, gleaming in smooth contrast to the textured silver.As in all his work, these earrings reflect the sure hand and esthetic sensitivity of the artist, as well as his dedication to the finest materials. That turquoise is remarkable; as remarkable as the gifted hands, imagination, and civic responsibility of Shane Hendren, one of the most honored of contemporary jewelers.

Sterling Silver, Natural Turquoise

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