Blue Gem Turquoise Bolo


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We all could only say a quiet “Wow!” when Al Joe unwrapped this superb bolo. It is simply breathtaking, in both materials and what the artist has done with them. No surprise; Al has been voted Artist of the Year twice, in this decade.

Glorious, natural Blue Gem turquoise, in a large piece that just sings, has been set in a shadowbox. Like the sun, it dazzles. Also like the sun, it is surrounded by a halo of rays.

These, however, are hand chiseled, textured, and then darkened with acid. The concave outer border is brilliantly polished, which radiates light. Handmade tips end in fluted beads, echoing the pattern of “rays”.

The cord is equal in quality – hand braided leather that flattens around the collar, for comfort and fit.

Magnificent turquoise, magnificently set; this is a collector’s piece to wear or display proudly, by one of the significant, award-winning jewelers of our time.


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Leather, Natural Blue Gem Turquoise, Sterling Silver


Bolo is 2 7/8" long x 2 3/8" wide, Tips are 2 5/8" long