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Blue Gem Squash Blossom Dangles


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What? Natural Blue Gem turquoise? But it is green!

Yes, these are stones we acquired a long time ago, and recently asked this brilliant young artist to incorporate in a design of his own.

Although the Blue Gem mine is best known for intensely bright blue stones, these green examples are even rarer.

According to recognized turquoise experts, “The Blue Gem mine, which is no longer active, produced almost every shade of green and blue turquoise imaginable…Blue Gem closed in the ’70s and there does not seem to be much available today.”

The color of turquoise depends on the minerals in the rock around it. Green stones contain more iron; blue stones, more copper.

These rare stones are a lovely mellow green, in a graceful oval shape, but it is the creative design that transforms these earrings into something special.

Gabe is known for bringing traditional sensibility into modern designs, and these earrings are a textbook example.

Fluted half-beads form the top, attached with a tiny fluted bead to a three-quarters round, classic twisted silver wire.

The rounded, green, teardrop-formed turquoise dangles from the ropy wire, encased in a plain polished bezel.

Firmly attached to the bottom of the turquoise, is a beautifully formed silver squash blossom.

The workmanship is impeccable; the design is unique and uniquely flattering.

These earrings are an artistic blend of traditional, Navajo jewelry elements, combined into a wonderful, modern design.

Flirtatious, fabulous and flawless, these earrings are unlike any squash blossom designs you’ve seen before.

They will announce you as a connoisseur of fine stones, and fine design, for years.

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Natural Blue Gem Turquoise, Sterling Silver


3 5/8" L X 7/8" W | Stones are 7/8" L x 1/2" W