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Blue Gem Overlaid Posts


Oval silver with overlaid rain cloud at bottom, reverse teardrop natural Blue Gem turquoise set above overlay, in center.

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Superb natural stone, check; impeccable silver work, check; lovely shape and design, check; must be a piece by Leo Yazzie!

This “jeweler’s jeweler” has quietly developed an award-winning reputation for the highest quality in materials, execution and design, over the 40 years of his career.

He says,“The inspiration for many of my designs came from watching my grandmother, mother and other women in the family weaving rugs….  Now, I make designs inspired by the patterns they wove.”

His attention to detail and workmanship is evident in each piece, including these beautiful earrings.

Angular spirals, denoting rain clouds, decorate the widest part of the silver border, and serve to highlight the exceptional, natural, Blue Gem turquoise.

To ensure a supply of first-rate stones, Leo has a cache, collected over the years, of the highest-quality turquoise, coral, lapis, and other gem-quality materials.

This Blue Gem turquoise seems to glow with the characteristic, intense blue-green depths of this sought-after stone.

The reverse teardrop form of the stone points to the overlay silver work, and is the opposite of the silver shape, which is narrower at the top and wider at the bottom.

Perfectly shaped, impeccably executed, with a remarkable stone, these earrings are perfectly suited to every day life, anywhere in the world. These Blue Gem stones are truly gems!





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Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver


1" long x 5/8" wide, Stone is 5/8" long x 3/8" at widest