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Blue Gem Necklace


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A spectacular gem of a necklace! Natural, gem-quality Blue Gem turquoise – 390 carats of it! – set simply in sterling silver and joined by a discreet chain of square, hand fabricated silver links.

Many of the superb turquoise pieces are of such high quality that they were able to be cut into sharp-cornered shapes. And, each stone is so substantial that there is no backing on any of them- a rarity nowadays.

Blue Gem turquoise, from Nevada is deemed among the most valuable and highly collected because of its rich color and its hardness. As can be seen, the radiant color ranges from blues to greens with irregularly distributed matrix.

Just as the shapes of the stones vary, the color of each stone differs, giving the necklace depth and richness. Each stone is pillowed, and some are beveled; all are beautifully polished.

Each individual stone is splendid, and each one has its own distinct shape and coloration. The artistry of the jeweler has arranged them so that there is harmony in diversity.

This comes partly from the pattern of graduated shapes: smaller toward the bottom, growing larger toward the middle, then smaller again at top. The pendant stone is bright blue, as are the two largest, pentagonal stones in the middle.

Some of the others are a softer greenish blue, with a couple of rich teal stones at the very top. The silver work is kept to a functional minimum.

Lustrous, polished silver, dentil-cut bezels and flat rectangular links between the stones, add shimmer to the stones. Even the elongated hook and eye are hand fabricated of silver.

A medley of sumptuous turquoise in a range of tropical-sea hues and sparkling silver, this necklace is particularly striking (and special) because of the size and thickness of the stones, as well as the marvelous play of angular and rounded shapes.

This is true luxury, unassuming and wearable. Superlative, heirloom quality turquoise, artistically arrayed, results in understated, casual elegance.

Before bequeathing it to future generations, enjoy it often and regularly, with sweaters, shirts, blouses, dresses – just about any outfit short of formal wear, and even then……

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Natural Blue Gem Turquoise, Sterling Silver


Necklace is 24" long, Pendant is 1 1/2" long x 7/8" wide x 1/4" thick