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Blue Diamond Turquoise Earrings


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Tommy Jackson is an artist as versatile as he is talented, creating beautiful pieces of jewelry that range from the vintage-style to the contemporary.

Here, he has showcased the old-style, with beautifully stamped sterling silver and stunning and rare, natural Blue Diamond turquoise cabochons.

The Blue Diamond mine is located in Nevada and was first mined in the 1930s.  “The mine is considered a ‘hat mine’ of which there are very few.  A hat mine is a small deposit of turquoise that ‘you can cover with your hat’.  The stones that this mine produces [have a] black smoky matrix surrounded by a brilliant blue.  The characteristic black chert is present.  Longtime area miners have been noted to have said the Blue Diamond mine yielded some of the best turquoises in Nevada.” The turquoise that comes from this mine is named so because it is said to be some of the hardest turquoise ever found.

Tommy has cut the turquoise into two triangles with rounded corners that really are the stars of the earrings.  Surrounding each stone is a simple bezel and a hand twisted “rope” wire, another nod to the designs of days gone by.

The stone and the rope wire are soldered onto a flat and stamped piece of silver, the stamps look as if they are rays of sun or starbursts.

To ensure that the stones really shine, Tommy has finished the silver with a satin, sort of brushed silver look, with slight oxidization in the stamps to show their depth.

Stunning stones, precise stamps, and expert craftsmanship combine to create these beautiful, show-stopping earrings that can be worn with either jeans and a t-shirt or with an ensemble to go out on the town with!

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Natural Blue Diamond Turquoise, Sterling Silver