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“Blue Brick Roads” Ring


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A young (20-something) member of the extended Peina family of noted jewelers, his work is striking in design and meticulous in execution.

Here, he created a delicate, very original ring that has a pillowed, square lapis stone turned on end, into a diamond shape.

It is set on a shank comprised of six, wavy bars of silver that are semi-fused; some are, and some are open in spots.

The blue of the lapis, and the wave-like curves of the shank, suggest water. A disk of 18-karat gold might refer to the sun, and the several, tiny silver dots are like drops of rain.

Despite its unique, contemporary look, this ring still subtly references tradition, with its suggestion of flowing water – a great blessing to the land-locked Zuni – in the sinuous form of the shank, tiny shimmering dots, and the deep blue lapis.

That golden sun suggests the desired balance of nature: rain and sun that together encourage thriving crops.

Tradition aside, this is a sleek, stunning and creative ring, that is easy to wear – everywhere.

PS The title is the artist’s own wish.


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Lapis, Sterling silver I 18-Karat Gold

Ring Size

7 1/4


Stone is 1/2" square | Shank is 1/4" to1/2" W