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Blue and White Heishi Necklace


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Josephine, who is famous for her hand-cut heishi – has won prizes for some of her own designs. Heishi necklaces are beautiful workhorses; they go with every sort of neckline, in every season, and amortize quickly because of their wearability.

This necklace is especially handsome because of the number of strands, which makes a beautiful statement, and the lovely mix of materials.

This necklace is a lovely combination of dark blue lapis and off-white clamshell, which is fresh and cheery. It was fabricated by hand, in a tedious, material- and time-intensive process.

Continuing the age-old tradition of her pueblo, this artist slices the clamshell, drills each little bit, sands the teeny squares into even teenier rounds and strings them, along with the polished, rounded little pieces of lapis.

Bright and clean, blue and white is a classic, upbeat combination that looks sprightly and becoming in every season. Comprised of ten (10!) strands of little, glossy blue lapis nuggets and tiny clamshell disks; they drape like a waterfall of fabric, or can be twisted, for a more tailored effect.

Brighten your every day with this delightful necklace that represents centuries of tradition, in a beautifully modern way.



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Lapis, Clamshell, Sterling Silver


26" L