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Blue and Taupe Fan Dangles


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Duane Maktima is revered as a Master Jeweler, and also as an influential mentor to many fine younger artists. The awards he has won, and his collectors, are too numerous to mention.

These earrings are a favored style of his, and there are no complaints! They are a flattering size and shape, and look fabulous on.

Plus, they are a hard-to-find combination of tailored and flirty looks, in one.

The inlaid teardrops have a lovely, soft blue at the top. This is natural chalcedony, a stone that has been coveted and used at least since the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Slender channels of 14-karat gold separate the heavenly blue above from the bottom stone, with a band of luminous blue-grey glass slag in the center.

Below, softly hued and diffuse stripes of taupe and grey are in an unusual stone: striped flint from Poland. It is not only lovely, it is rare.

These stones are beautiful on their own, and fabulous together. The gleaming gold adds a bit of warmth to the soft, cool palette.

Polished sterling tops glisten, answered by the hand chiseled frills of silver, at the bottom. Resembling dancing, ruffled skirts, they glitter in the light.

These silver ruffles add spice to the sweetness of the inlaid stones, making these earrings remarkable. Takes an artist, and Duane is a great one.

Gorgeous use of beautiful, uncommon stones, arranged with award-winning artistry.

Created by a major name in Native jewelry, these earrings are elegant, unassuming, striking, and utterly wonderful. They will be appreciated everywhere in the world, day, or night.


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14k Gold, Blue Chalcedony, Polish Flint, Sterling Silver


1 3/4" L x 1" W