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Blue and Silver Beads


20-inch necklace of plain silver beads in two sizes, with oval, translucent, pale blue chalcedony beads in between.

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Al Joe, peer-elected Artist of the Year more than once, is renowned for his exquisite beads. Here, his impeccable silver beads are combined with ovals of translucent, pale blue chalcedony beads, for a gorgeously ethereal effect.

Chalcedony is a gem-quality, quartz-derived mineral, mentioned as long ago as in the Bible and Roman writings. This heavenly, dainty blue is a lovely companion to the high luster and rounded forms of the silver beads. Each bead, tiny and larger, was formed in two halves, then soldered together and finished so the seam is invisible. All hand work, naturally.

Al Joe is celebrated and honored for the perfection of his designs, as well as for his workmanship; nothing is superfluous, nothing can be subtracted. This necklace is a ravishing combination of delicacy and luster, suitable to be worn often, and with a variety of outfits. People will ask, so be sure to explain about the celestial chalcedony.

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Natural Chalcedony, Sterling Silver


20" long, Large Silver Beads are 3/8" diameter, Oval Beads are 1/4" long