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Blue and Cream Inlaid Earrings


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Eagerly collected, this long-time award-winner is noted for his creativity and effortless technique, especially for meticulous inlay in contemporary patterns and colors.

Here is another traditional innovation from this top-award-winning jeweler.

That’s not an oxymoron; he innovates with colors and materials within traditional frameworks, as in these fresh and lovely earrings.

Denim lapis and fossilized walrus ivory are combined in a cheery, sophisticated palette.

Medium blue and creamy ivory are softer than dark blue and stark white, but the combination still has that classic look, reminiscent of a day at the seashore.

Meticulously cut and inlaid by hand, the arrangement of rectangles harmonizes with the larger, rectangular base.

The frame of polished silver gleams and sparkles, as cool as water, gently contrasting with the inlaid materials.

Color-block inlay forms a modern, geometric pattern, vaguely reminiscent of the brick-work of the ancient ruins at Canyon de Chelly, or Mesa Verde.

Classic, clean color, beautiful design and fine workmanship; all hallmarks of this prolific and immensely popular artist, and all marvelously present in these refreshing earrings.

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Fossilized Walrus Ivory, Natural Denim Lapis, Sterling Silver


1" L x 3/4" W