Blessings Bolo

Joseph Coriz


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This exceptional bolo is a celebration of blessings that lead to abundance, good health, and happiness.

Joseph Coriz is an acknowledged master of overlay and applique techniques.

The theme and its symbols are favorites of this kindly, spiritual man: gratitude and blessings.

As always, he represents the theme with extraordinary artistry, as well as flawless workmanship.

A well-proportioned rectangle contains a series of vignettes, each containing appliqued symbols of good luck.

The meticulously chiseled edge forms a shadowbox frame, with a border of gleaming silver.

Finally, there is another, narrow silver border, which contains the beautifully delineated figures.

At the top, appear three little vignettes: wavy lines denoting running water, pointing with arrowheads toward the main section; the hand of blessing and protection, also pointing down; and rain clouds with falling rain.

At the very bottom, a narrow band of stylized waves of water fills the space.

In the main section, there is a charming symbol of a hunter, arrow, or spear, held aloft, with a turtle, next to him.

Below the turtle (symbol of long life and also, water), are two, stylized birds.

Next row across features a deer or elk, and a mountain sheep.

Birds, deer, and sheep are all hunting prey, and represent meat which equals good health and happiness.

Below them, is another turtle, and several fish, with a robust corn stalk at the right.

Under the fish, is a bear, symbol of hunting skill, and protection.

All these symbols, delightfully and precisely cut out of polished silver, refer to hunting success; therefore, enough to eat, and happiness, good health, and prosperity.

The theme and symbolism are profound; the symbols are not only impeccably done, but charmingly decorative.

Each separate element is beautifully integrated into the whole composition.

Totally simple, rounded keepers and tips keep attention on the bolo itself. The hand-braided leather cord is robust enough to support the bolo, comfortably.

This bolo is a handsome and meaningful work of art that you can enjoy with suits and even formal wear, as well as jeans.

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