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Blessing and Protection Earrings


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An award-winning jeweler, proud father of daughters, and former State wrestling champion, Alec blends traditional symbols and modern style, with panache.

He thought he’d be a physical therapist, in college, but was inspired by big brother, the late, great, Myron Panteah, to try jewelry – and the result is our gain, and sports medicine’s loss.

These striking earrings incorporate one of his favorite designs, the ancient symbols of blessing and protection, as seen in the petroglyphs, rock art of long, long, ago.

The hand of blessing and protection is a powerful and beloved symbol. Below it, the spiral represents the a river, and/or the path of life.

Both refer to extremely good luck.

Brilliantly polished, these applied elements, and two small circles like the sun and moon, glisten, over a textured and darkened silver background.

The result is a dramatic, intriguing, and eye-catching pair of earrings that will play happily with the most casual, and chic, clothes.

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Sterling Silver


1 1/2" L x 1 5/8" W