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Black Storyteller Turtle


Black clay turtle storyteller with  baby turtles. Amiable, smiling expression. Large turtle is sitting up, babies on and around his flippers. Hand coiled and formed, wood-fired in an oil drum.

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A Choctaw, living in New Mexico, this accomplished potter is a member of the Turtle Clan. It makes sense, then, that he creates turtle storytellers with the pottery technique of his adopted state. His adorably amiable turtles are made of clay, by hand, and then fired in an oil can, with wood fuel.

This benignly smiling elder turtle is regaling five little ones with tribal lore. They seem wholly wrapped up in the tale, wide-eyed and clinging to his flippers, with one little one sitting up in front. Except for Grampa’s smile, and his embroidered sash, each turtle is modeled with great naturalness.

Their shells are segmented and textured, with the babies’ little tails curled up, behind. Grampa’s shell is modeled and knobbly; his head has emerged from a fleshy collar, and his body has a hammered texture, to denote leathery turtle skin. His breastplate is also clearly shown.