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Black Spiderweb Canteen


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This great-granddaughter of the legendary Maria Martinez has continued the family's legacy of innovative, award-winning pottery and her son, Cavan, has carried it into a newer generation, as well. Barbara's pottery is known for its perfect, stone-polished luster, interesting shapes, and favorite use of an etched spiderweb as decoration. Spiders eat insects, so are considered good friends.This canteen, a favored shape of hers, derives from the pottery water canteens that were carried into the fields. Of course, Barbara's is a particularly elegant and graceful shape. It is flattened in back, so it will hang nicely on your wall. The two-toned stone-polished finish is another trademark of hers: the underlying clay is covered when fired, so it stays a warm brown, rather than turning black. As seen in the scratched out lines, the base clay is beige. The astonishingly delicate and flawlessly etched spider web here holds a large moth, also beautifully and naturalistically detailed with a whisper's depth of etching. Two tiny dots of bright blue turquoise form the ends of its antennae – a lovely contrast. Toward the bottom left, a leggy little spider waits, probably in awe of his monster catch. His body is a small, natural red coral. Turquoise and coral together represent the balance of earth and sky, male and female, etc.. The design – especially the shape of the insect's wings – subtly echoes the graceful form of the canteen itself. Notice how the warm brown of the deerskin thong matches the center design on the canteen; another touch of artistry from this pre-eminent potter, torch-carrier of a historic tradition.

Natural Clay, Natural Turquoise, Coral, and Leather

Length with leather is 14 inches long. Width: 4 1/2″ Height: 3 1/2″ Depth: 1 1/2″