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Black, Silver and Turquoise Inlaid Triangles


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She learned the complex art of mosaic inlay from her grandmother, who created fine inlay thunderbirds, and her mother, the late Rosalie Medina, who was noted for mosaic inlay.

Today, Stephanie is also known for fine mosaic inlay and lapidary work, adding her own vision and contemporary touches to the ancient technique.

These dramatic earrings are a wonderful example: sleekly chic, striking in design and color palette, and easy to wear.

On a base of lightweight mother of pearl, black jet, and turquoise geometric shapes are divided by glistening silver channels.

Her signature, a tiny dome of turquoise, is on the inside of the earrings.

Visually stunning, with equally fine execution, these earrings are vibrant, modern, and versatile. Wear them to work, to play or out at night.

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Inlaid Turquoise, Inlaid Natural Jet, Inlaid Sterling Silver, Natural Mother of Pearl


1 1/8" L x 7/8" W