Black Pottery Eagle Dancer Turtle


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A Choctaw from Oklahoma who lives in New Mexico, this award-winning artist’s irresistible clay animal sculptures are nationally collected.

His signature animal is the turtle, the keeper of his tribe’s stories and lore.

This turtle is all Choctaw, participating in the ceremonial Eagle Dance.

He wears the traditional “roach” of porcupine quills and a bone breastplate, as well as “wings” of deerskin and feathers, to emulate the sacred eagle’s flight.

His irresistible smile says he would be happy to come home with you.

His body is finely modeled to resemble the leathery skin and scaly shell of a turtle.

Fired in an oil drum, he is a mixture of hand made and commercial clays.

The wings, medicine pouch and roach are detachable, but the exuberant smile is permanent.

An endearing figure that will brighten your days and nights – and prove to be a cherished heirloom, as well.

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Clay, Deerskin, Feathers, Horsehair


10 1/2" high x 12" wide x 9" deep