Black Polished Dragonfly Jar



This noted potter is a descendant of the legendary Maria Martinez, who was responsible for the revival of black pottery, over 100 years ago.

His grandmother, Carmelita Dunlap was a niece of Maria’s, and was raised by her. Erik’s mother, Martha Appleleaf, is also a notable potter.

This perfectly proportioned, exquisitely formed jar is an excellent example of his potting skill and artistic flair.

It is stone-polished, by hand, to a remarkable sheen, an element for which his mother is famous, as well.

On the upper half, two faces and two rain designs are painted in matte black clay slip, on the polished black background.

Stylized dragonflies form a striking accent, in between.

With a wonderful balance between decorated and plain areas, as well as that precise shape, the whole piece forms a harmonious unit of elegant serenity.

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