Black Pearl Ring



Marian Denipah is a dancer and painter, as well as an award-winning jeweler.

She sometimes collaborates with her noted husband, Steve LaRance, but this darkly beautiful ring is all hers.

A fine, natural, black Tahitian pearl is featured front and center, surrounded by an asymmetrical constellation of silver domes, against darkened silver.

The lovely, dusky pearl is set in a circular shadowbox that is also darkened, which accentuates the gem’s smoky luminosity.

The narrow, polished rim around the shadowbox ties the gleam of the pearl’s surface to the polished silver domes above and around it.

No common three-bar shank, in this creative jeweler’s hands it becomes a work of art in itself.

Narrow and rounded, the polished silver bars on top and bottom are free-form, and linked by a third bar that is integral, narrower, and slightly darkened.

This design creates a flowing rhythm that evokes the liquid origin of the seductive pearl: The little domes are like drops of water, while the shank’s bars meander gently, like rippling water.

Water is revered in Native culture as the scarce, but essential, source of life; this ring looks bewitchingly modern, but contains a traditional message of good luck.

A beautifully integrated design of spellbinding glamor, this ring is fit for your favorite femme fatale. You, yourself, perhaps?

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