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Black on Black Wedding Vase


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A leading potter of the new Casas Grande/Mata Ortiz style, Edmundo is especially known for his exquisite hand-polish, which (like the best of Maria Martinez’ San Ildefonso Pueblo pots) has a remarkably lustrous gunmetal sheen.

The Paquime are descendants of Pueblo Indians who fled the re-establishment of Spanish rule in New Mexico, in the late 1600’s.

Casas Grande is the name of the archeological site where historic shards were first discovered; Mata Ortiz is the name of the village where the pottery is produced today.

As in the pueblos north of the border, the clay is hand-gathered, -mixed and -coiled, stone polished, and fired in the ground.

The designs are painted in reverse: the shiny parts are the stone-polished body of the piece, while the matte black “background” is actually painted on with ground clay and water after the pot is polished.

Aside from the beauty of the finish and the meticulous detail of the designs, be sure to take in the handsomely proportioned shape and crisply formed edges of this lovely piece.

Clearly defined, traditional, hand-painted Pueblo-style designs accentuate the voluptuous curves of the form.

The design consists of symbols representing rain, clouds, feathers, and so on. All are symbols of very good luck.

This is an elegant look for a wedding vase, and would fit into contemporary, traditional, country – or any – decor.



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Natural Hand Made Clay


5 1/2" H x 4 1/2" W x 3 1/4" diameter