Black on Black Jar



A smaller gem by this well-known potter from Casas Grande, Mexico, whose name is synonymous with a glass-smooth finish. His stunning gunmetal polish is achieved with a stone, just like his ancestors and cousins in our New Mexico pueblos, did, and do.

Although the gorgeous finish is the first thing noticed, the perfect proportion and fine detail of his painting contributes to the total effect of simple elegance. The designs, taken from the historic pottery shards discovered around 1970, reflect the Pueblo origin of the Paquimé tribe. Their ancestors fled the return of Spanish power, after the collapse of the Pueblo Revolt.

Using hand made clay, hand mixed, coiled, smoothed, stone polished and pit-fired, the jar’s precise designs emphasize its wonderful form and proportions. What resembles Hopi sashes swirl around each side of the piece, while a checkerboard effect gleams on the neck.

Thanks to currency differences, this beautiful piece is a true bargain.

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Clay Slip, Local Clay


5 1/2"