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Black Marble Ram


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In the olden days, this handsome ram would have been carved to help increase the numbers of mountain sheep, so the Zuni would have plenty of meat. Carved today, of Egyptian marble, he evokes the past in a splendidly contemporary way.

The dark marble is marked with faint white threads and some brown areas. An unusually long heart line of inlaid turquoise zigs and zags across his body, from mouth to rear leg.

Another inlaid turquoise line streaks straight from his muzzle to the medicine bundle on his hip. Unusually, the sinew is almost entirely covered with small disks of olive shell, punctuated with pink shell fragments.

Stylized into a simplified form, there are clearly recognizable features, nevertheless. The muzzle is sheepish in shape; the curled horns are beautifully formed and minimally incised; again, stylized, but recognizable.

The fleecy tail is also sculpted and incised, to suggest reality. The result is a beautifully formed, smoothly polished form that attracts caresses.

A really handsome table fetish that is esthetically pleasing. It refers to the old style of carving, in a beautifully contemporary way. And, a terrific present for the Aries in your life!

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Commercial Sinew, Egyptian Marble, Shells, Turquoise


3 3/4" high x 5" wide x 1 1/4" deep