Black Marble Horse Bust


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How to own a spectacular horse, but avoid the upkeep! One of the award-winning, founding artists of the prestigious Indigenous Sculpture Society, and one of the most honored of any, brings powerful emotion out of unyielding rock. The Navajo are horsemen, from the time horses were introduced to the New World, so the artist knows his subject, and depicts this horse lovingly.


Black Belgian marble, polished to glossy perfection, reveals all the muscularity and refined detail of the horse’s head and mane. Transmuting stone into sound, as well as flesh, you can almost hear the wind tossing that abundant mane, and hear the horse snorting in response.


Elegant, but robustly realistic, this sculpture will embellish your office, or any shelf,  mantel or table. A gorgeously visual and tactile work by this famed artist: stroking that smooth nose is irresistible.



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Belgian Marble




7 3/4"