Black Marble Frog Fetish


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Cody is the son of celebrated carver Wilfred Cheama, and obviously is carrying on the family tradition of talent.

This charming frog looks like he is really a prince in disguise, ready to jump right into your heart with a friendly smile.

Following the Quam/Cheama family style of detailed realism, his eyes, mouth, legs, and even feet, are carefully carved.

The eyes are turquoise, because he is a Southwestern frog, and turquoise symbolizes water, where frogs live.

Frogs are major symbols of good luck, because of their link to water (which is especially precious in Zuni country), and their association with abundance and fertility.

Carved from the local Zuni jet, his entire body is incised to resemble reptilian scales.

Posed with barely contained energy, and a wide smile, this appealing frog will bring you smiles, as well as good luck.

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Inlaid Turquoise, Natural Black Jet


1 7/8" L x 1" W x 1" H