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Black Marble Buffalo


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For this celebrated Zuni carver, a buffalo seemed to be the only subject for this chunk of black marble. The details are exquisitely done; the whole form and attitude evokes the massive strength of this king of the Plains. The eyes are inlaid turquoise, but every other bit of this carving is realistic. See how the coat is carved, depicted in all its shaggy weight, and even the hooves are realistically cloven. His tail is seemingly in the midst of twitching from side to side. Proportions, and that lowering head, convey the majestic power of this iconic animal. A marvelous example of the finest quality, realistic carving, by an award-winning artist, in a stone that accurately portrays the revered animal.

Black Marble, Turquoise

Width: 1″ Depth: 2 3/8″