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Black Marble Buffalo


Realistic, detailed black marble carving of a buffalo, with inlaid turquoise eyes

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Renowned for his realistic, detailed carvings of animals, this award-winning artist has brought in a splendid, black marble buffalo, with inlaid turquoise eyes. Large enough to be called a sculpture, this table-sized fetish is imposing and endearing, too.

Shaggy pelt, massive chest, lowered head, curved horns, twitching tail and entire anatomy, are all clearly, cleanly and marvelously defined. This is a masterful carving of an alpha bull buffalo. Despite his lowering stance and powerful physique, though, his blue turquoise eyes and benign expression make him appealing, rather than frightening.

Take time to study every naturalistic detail, from his cloven hooves to the way his heavy fur hangs in folds over his front legs. You will notice something new to marvel at each time you look.

A fascinating, fabulous carving of this historic icon of the west, by a superlative artist.

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Black Italian Marble, Turquoise


3 1/4 "


4 1/4" long x 1 5/8" deep