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Black-Lipped Mother of Pearl and Silver Pendant


Three-layered, textured and stamped silver rectangle with natural black-lipped mother of pearl set on top.

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Lustrous, darkly iridescent, black-lipped mother-of-pearl is complemented by softly gleaming, stamped and chiseled sterling silver. Both elements are long and sightly tapered, creating a beautiful, harmonious layer. A felicitous pairing, accomplished by this always inventive young jeweler. Eric comes by his talent naturally – he is a grandson of the late Ben and Felicita Eustace, and a son of innovative award-winner Jolene Eustace. His modern pieces are not your grandma’s Indian jewelry; not even his mother’s!

Built up into three layers of silver, the topmost tapered rectangle is a gorgeous piece of jewel-toned mother of pearl. Depending on how the light hits it, the mother of pearl glows like the northern lights, in opalescent greens and purples, or appears mysteriously subdued, with just a hint of iridescence. The toothed bezel, holding it in place, is chiseled into a chunky texture.

Under this, a stepped silver plaque is cut into a series of stars and crosses, separated by a series of horizontal lines. The cut out steps refer to rain – very good luck. The silver here is brushed to a low luster. Next down, a tapered rectangle of starburst-chiseled silver is cut out at the corners with the same tiny crosses, representing the four corners of the earth. Finally, at the very bottom, the silver base is also chiseled, but in complementary, straight up-and-down lines.

On the reverse, as an added surprise, there is a super-nova of starburst -chiseled lines, interspersed with stamped stars and crosses. Even the bail, is a double layer of silver, low-luster, with a pattern of star, cross and horizontal lines, to match the top layer of the pendant.

Rich, luminous color and meticulous silver work add up to a fascinating, layered pendant that will attract lots of attention.

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Black-Lipped Mother of Pearl, Sterling Silver


2 3/4" including bail