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Black Lip Mother of Pearl Figural Earrings


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The lustrous, darkly iridescent mother-of-pearl faces accompany the precisely patterned, overlay silver bodies in lovely harmony. A felicitous pairing, accomplished by this always inventive young jeweler. Eric comes by his talent naturally – he is a grandson of Ben and Felicita Eustace, and a son of innovative award-winner Jolene Eustace. HIs own prize-winning style has always been contemporary, but these figural earrings have a touch more of the traditional. Suggestive of an ancestral or spirit figure, the earrings combine the dark mother of pearl and textured, and slightly antiqued, silver in a subtle, elegant pairing of similar hues and luster. The tops are in a rounded shield shape, with a hand cut silver bezel, surmounted by three gleaming silver dome-lets. They suggest the face of a figure. Depending on the light, the black-lipped mother of pearl is brilliantly iridescent – like an oil slick – or an interestingly kind of low-luster gray, which fits in with the silver work. The slightly convex, dangling “bodies” are intricately patterned and etched, with a minute, chiseled border and overlaid center that features a vertical row of upside-down pyramid forms. These are smooth, burnished, and graduated in size from small at top to larger at the bottom. There is a similarly graduated channel cut through the center, ending in a notch at the very bottom of the piece. The resulting separated bottom border is suggestive of the feet of the figures. On either side of the smooth, triangular center design, the silver is minutely textured in a quiet, all-over pattern. But wait – this is a total class act: the concave backs of the dangles are brilliantly polished, and reveal a beautiful star burst pattern, interspersed with stars. Alternatively, this beautiful surprise might be the rays of the sun, radiating to all four corners of the earth. Whatever, or whichever, it is a wonderful touch, making the back sides of the earrings just as interesting as the fronts. With the high polish, there will be flashes of light whenever the dangles …dangle. Intricate, but serenely simple in aspect, these are very beautiful earrings.

Sterling Silver, Black Lip Mother of Pearl

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