Black Jade Mosaic Buckle

Causandra Dukepoo


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This award-winning artist is the gifted wife of Michael Dukepoo, and daughter-in-law of NaNa Ping. What do they have in common, artistically?

An affinity for contemporary design, high-quality, unusual materials, and the highest standards of workmanship – plus the skill and talent to pull all that together.

This elegant, luxurious buckle is inlaid with an abstract pattern of black jade. The velvety darkness is accentuated by two geometric shapes of natural turquoise, and three raised circles of polished silver.

The inlay stands out from the silver base; the border is not only concave at the sides, but canted down, with a few asymmetrical chiseled lines on three sides. The black jade gleams, and the silver sparkles in graphic contrast.

Aside from the stunning design, the workmanship is equally refined. Every bit is fabricated with a scrupulous skill, even the working parts on the back.

These are beautifully fashioned to be sturdy and easily functional.

This is a fabulous buckle, designed with abstract pizazz, and executed brilliantly.

Although right at home with slacks, and even jeans, this buckle would look just as suave in a formal setting.

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