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Black Jade and Turquoise Bolo


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This stunning bolo demonstrates the refinement and elegance that characterize this award-winning jeweler’s style. Like a jewel displayed on black velvet, or a full moon rising in a night-dark sky, the superb, natural waterweb Kingman turquoise seems to float on the dense blackness of the jade. Son of NaNa Ping, and husband of Causandra Dukepoo, Michael shares the family affinity for minimalist, abstract design, first-rate materials and exacting workmanship – all of which is evident in this beautiful bolo. The inlaid pieces of natural black jade are arranged in a sort of asymmetrical pinwheel, which both contrasts with and emphasizes the oval form of the silver and the rounded shape of the turquoise. A chiseled silver bezel around the stone subtly echoes the straight lines of the jade pieces. Dense and solid, the black jade is a beautiful contrast with the depth and movement of the splendid turquoise.Beautifully simple tips complete the contemporary effect of this refined and handsome bolo. They are cylinders of silver, inlaid at the bottom with a rounded bead of black jade. The whole piece is integrated in materials and style. The result is a piece of uncommon, minimalist beauty. Tasteful and understated, this bolo will nevertheless attract a great deal of admiring attention. Arresting with a business suit and brilliant with a formal dinner jacket, this refined bolo is just as happy paired with sportswear: shirts, sweaters and jeans.

Sterling Silver, Natural Kingman Turquoise, Black Jade Inlay

Tips: 1 5/16″ Long Width: 2 1/8″ Height: 2 5/8″ Depth: 1/4″