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Black Jade and Blue Gem Inlay Bolo


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Son of NaNa Ping, and husband of Causandra Dukepoo, this award-winning jeweler shares the family affinity for abstract design, first-rate materials and exacting workmanship. This stunning bolo demonstrates the refinement that characterizes their style of chunk inlay technique.

Notice the opposing elements that create a dynamic, yet serene, effect: inlaid stones in varying sizes, but similar shapes; bright against dark, flashes of silver against slick stone surfaces. The repetition of forms unifies the contrasting materials.

Against the profound darkness of natural black jade, the particular radiance of natural Blue Gem turquoise is brilliant. A few dashes of red coral brings added richness to the palette. Everything – the stones, the workmanship and the design – is equally remarkable and of the highest quality.

Two bands of silver cross the bolo on the diagonal. They are hand chiseled, so that the linear texture provides a counterpoint to the polished silver channels and edges. The tiny lines also repeat the straight edges of the inlaid stones.

Even the tips are carefully matched to the body of the bolo: rectangles of black jade, with chiseled, dentil bezels, dangle from cylinders of gleaming sterling.

As elegant and exceptional as this bolo is, it will look just as handsome with sportswear as with suits and formal wear. Truly, a bolo for all seasons.



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Black Jade, Coral, Leather, Natural Blue Gem Turquoise, Sterling Silver


3 1/2" H x 2 1/8" W, Tips: 2 1/2" L