Black Flared-Neck Jar


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Another example of the superb stone-polish for which this esteemed potter is known. This jar also has a supremely simple, but dramatic shape. The flared top and rounded, tapered body are beautifully proportioned. The unadorned style also beautifully shows off the exquisite gunmetal finish.

Entirely hand made, the gorgeous, gleaming finish is the result of patient stone polishing, by hand, just as is done by our southwestern Pueblo potters, who are related, historically. After the reinstatement of Spanish rule, following the Pueblo Revolt of 1680, some Pueblo people fled southward, Around 1970, shards of their pottery were discovered in northern Mexico, and a revival of pottery-making followed among the Paquimé Indians in Casas Grande. The Paquimé are descendants of those displaced Pueblos, and the pottery techniques are identical to those north of the border.

Glorious in its simplicity, dramatic silhouette, and breathtaking polish, this jar would probably be three times the price, if made in the USA. Different, country, different economy; same fabulous quality.

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Local Clay


7 3/4"