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Black Corrugated Seed Pot


Globular black jar, completely covered in corrugated texture. Black, with polished neck.

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A pleasingly plump, round globe of a seed pot, entirely decorated with the ancient corrugated design. The form, the proportion, the execution and the design are all first-rate. If it were made by one of the Pueblo potters in the southwestern United States, it would be much more expensive.

Luckily for you, the fine potter is a descendant of Pueblo people who fled the returning Spaniards, in the late 1600’s. He lives in northern Mexico, where these historic refugees settled, five centuries ago, and the difference in the economy makes this exquisite seed pot more than affordable!

The methods of creating the pot, as well as the decoration, are the same as in the American Pueblos: hand-gathered, -mixed, -coiled, -smoothed, clay, indented with a low-tech tool – fingernails were used in previous times, and nail files, kitchen implements, etc. are used today.

The black color comes from firing the piece in the ground, and smothering the flames with dried sheep or horse manure – just like they do at Santa Clara Pueblo, here in the US. The glistening triangular rim is stone polished, while the rest of the pot is matte.

With an elegant form and regular, all-over texture, this pot will embellish all kinds of decors: modern, deco, contemporary, rustic, country, etc. Maybe not gilded Louis-Something, but everything else!

Enjoy the admiring comments, you tasteful,  clever shopper.

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