Black Carved Avanyu Jar


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Outstanding artist; outstanding pot. Her reputation is as highly regarded as her heritage, skill and artistic sensibility.

Granddaughter of the noted potter Madeline Naranjo, Madeline E. has continued her antecedent’s prize-winning style.

Her work combines precise carving, an interplay of matte and stone-polished surfaces, and elegant forms.

The luscious stone-polish, perfect shape and crisp-edged carving on this smaller jar contain the essence of her work.

The deeply carved motifs, in a remarkably thin-walled base, contrast matte and polished areas to accentuate the designs.

Four circular medallions are arranged all around the body of this jar, with a similar Avanyu motif carved within each one.

Avanyu is the Pueblo Water-serpent, a sign of good luck, happiness, prosperity and good health: Water is the source of life, and facilitates plentiful harvests.

The glassy luster of the stone polish, the exactitude of the deep carving, the elegant proportions and form, are as impeccable and beautiful as any of her large pieces.

A gorgeous piece of pottery by an acknowledged master of her art, and one that is easy to display anywhere.

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4 1/2"






Hand Processed Local Clay, Outdoor Pit-Fired