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Black Bird in Green High Tops


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This striking bird is intent on starting a race, it seems; his back leg is poised, ready to run.

Raven or crow, he is a handsome fellow, gracefully aerodynamic in form.

The wings and tail are beautifully carved, and painted, too.

The various shades of green are a vibrant contrast to the black body of the bird.

Dignified and graceful as this bird is, he is also a bit of a fashionista: wearing pristine high-tops to match his plumage, and probably to help him race, too.

This definitely contradicts the solemn demeanor! He seems impatient; one foot already lifted.

A meticulously executed piece of folk art – handsome in appearance, and fun, too!

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Commercial Paint, Wood


8" H x 10 1/2" L x 2 1/2" W