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Black and White Clay Mask


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Liven up your wall with something different and vibrant: a fascinating clay mask; a little three-dimensional spice, instead of another flat picture.

Hand modeled of hand gathered and mixed local clay, it is decorated with natural clay slip in graphic, decorative patterns.

We are reminded that this artist, and his fellow indigenous people, south of our border, are direct descendants of Pueblo Indians.

They fled south to avoid punishment, after the return of the Spaniards in the late 1600’s, following the Pueblo Revolt of 1680.

Familiar symbols include angular storm spirals, linear fans referring to yucca plants, stylized, tapered feather signs, and squares, instead of dots , for water.

Black and white is a timeless, classic, and striking combination that relates to many different decor styles.

Add a little salsa to your wall, and recall a notable historic time, with this handsome mask.


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8" L x 5 3/8" W


Natural Handmade Clay and Pigments