Black and Silver Cufflinks


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Herbert Ration is well-known for his various bug pins and pendants, using exciting and colorful stones, but did you know he does modern versions of traditional jewelry as well?

In these cufflinks, the past repeats itself, but in a streamlined, more refined version.

In traditional Navajo jewelry, the stones were the most important element, and the silverwork took a supporting role. This fine jeweler keeps that tradition alive in his own designs, that echo the past but reflect the present.

These cufflinks are simple and powerful, a silver and black statement for each wrist. The star of each cufflink is of course the large black Onyx cabochon, surrounded by a simple bezel and a small amount of silver on all sides.

This pared-down version of past styles looks fresh and modern. The stones are the stars, and the whole has a very contemporary, clean, look.

Beautiful, natural stones, a good weight of silver, a design with a modern flair that is also comfortable, and expert workmanship, make for a classic of the future.

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Onyx, Sterling Silver