Black and Red Sgrafitto Wedding Vase – AS IS

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A shapely, marvelously detailed piece by this acclaimed potter from Santa Clara Pueblo.

Well-connected, as well as very gifted, she is a grandchild of Rose Naranjo, sibling of Dusty Naranjo, related to Roxanne Swentzell, the Folwells, and many other stellar names from that pueblo, including her celebrated son, Jonathan Naranjo.

Caroline is noted for her complex, cleanly detailed sgrafitto designs, as well as her patent leather-like stone polish and lovely shapes, as seen here.

The decorative designs scratched out on this curvaceous wedding vase include all sorts of good luck signs: feathers, water spirals, sacred kivas with ladders, a rainbow arc, stepped rain design, and more.

A panoply of ceremonial figures dance on either side: female dancers with stepped tablitas, a deer dancer, complete with concho belt, and more. Auspicious designs for a wedding vase!

The finish ranges from deep black, to a warm russet, with the background of the etched areas a pinky beige. This is all natural.

The black is caused by smothering the flames, during the pit firing, with dried, powdered sheep or horse manure. The result is a chemical reaction that permanently alters the color of the clay.

It is the potter’s skill and artistic vision that created the modulations of brown and black.

Starting from a flower-pot matte finish, the artist patiently rubbed a polishing stone over and over, until that mirror-bright, satiny finish was achieved.

Everything about this appealing wedding vase is traditional, and made by hand, starting with gathering the clay itself.

A delightfully rounded form, and elaborate, beautifully detailed design, make this wedding vase very special.

PS We have a written account of how the wedding vase is used in Pueblo wedding ceremonies, that is included with each purchase.

Please remember: NEVER put water in this piece of pottery – unless you  like mud pies.


There is a small chip on one side of the pot, please request pictures if you are interested!

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Natural Clay


5 3/4" H x 4" Diameter